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Here are some facts about the winter at Valley Forge:

• Camp at Valley Forge
• George Washington set up the camp
• 20 miles west of the British
• Awful winter
• Keeping army together

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In 1777, George Washington and his troops had just fought at the Battle of Black HiIll. After being so tired he set up camp at Valley Forge, Philadelphia to try and recuperate his army. They were in bad need of supplies like shoes and their uniforms were in tatters. It was a good choice to set up camp at Valley Forge because land forms prevented attacks. The geography of the area could not have been more perfect. The plateau that it was stationed on was bordered by a river. Two shallow creeks proved to be hard to cross for men on horseback and troops with artillery. Also, any attackers would have to come uphill.Though everything was not so simple. It took six weeks to get all the men protected from the storm. Many of the men got sick becuase the snow kept coming then melting so they could not stay dry.

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George Washington and his 12,000+ army decided to camp at Valley Forge. He and his army had just finished fighting the British and needed a place to stop and rest. The thing about Valley Forge is it was cold. Also Washington had been having trouble getting supplies since July and the winter months only made it harder. This forced the men at Valley Forge to eat things called firecakes. Firecakes were tasteless cakes made of flour and water. Washington's men were able to move after the British left occupied Philadelphia.

Valley Forge is located in Pennsylvania on the Schuylkill River 20 miles norhtwest of Philadelphia. Over 2,000 wooden huts were built during the winter encampment. Baron Friederich von Steuben came to train men there. (Liz Rosen, Pd. 9)

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